Stripping the Machine

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We lifted off the "unstuck" knee and inspected the ways and they seemed fine. We have not fluxed or died them to see if there are minute cracks....maybe later after I clean it.

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Got a few pics of the under the base. Would have been hard to fit that magnetic drill in there.....would have been some die grinding....if we were forced to go that route.....yuk.

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Lifted the column onto a railroad cart I had

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Now the real grunt work starts. I used a 4 1/2" angle grinder with a stainless steel wire brush and a larger angle grinder with same type brush. The larger angle grinder didn't work near as well as the smaller one. I also put a :hurricane" force fan on me and the work and I was "upwind" of it all so that I didn't have to breathe the dust. Worked quite well except the wind chill factor was down in the teens....brrr!

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Clean column....!

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Now to the knee and knee screw....

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Clean Knee and knee screw...! (except for some hard to get areas.....later work for the Foredom brush).

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Last of the big items....the ram and turret (I still haven't separated them). I'm trying to get all this nasty work done before the cold front (and a ton of rain) hit in the next day or so.

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Done....except for some small areas....detail work later.

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Now to get all this stuff covered up and get ready for the rain and cold weather coming our way.....! I am tired and every joint in my body aches. I hated this part.....but if did not make the effort to refinish it, it would haunt me forever.