Relocating My Lathe

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What I did on my Christmas vacation…..


I just acquired this Clausing 5900series turret lathe in November. That, in itself is a story. It was a job just making room for it. An old Atlas (Craftsman) lathe was sitting in it's place but only partially assembled. By luck I arranged for a new temporary home for the Atlas. So I bring in the Clausing making sure I have ample room for it

Now in late December, I acquire the Bridgeport mill. I didn't really have room for the Clausing. Now I have to get real creative and find room for both machines. After much thinking (outside the box), I decided that some of the bench space I built years ago was only to pile stuff under and on top I could forego this and put the lathe there.

 DSC00146.JPG (856519 bytes)
The Clausing sitting at the end of the garage…..and I haven’t even used it yet….time to move over.

DSC00149.JPG (859576 bytes)
After I cleaned out all the steel sheet and other stuff I had stashed under the benches. Now to clean off the top.

DSC00152.JPG (828469 bytes)
After I cleaned it off and ripped off the top.

DSC00154.JPG (791220 bytes)
Sawzall does good. Whacked out an place for the lathe.

DSC00157.JPG (822806 bytes)  DSC00158.JPG (841279 bytes)
Thanks to my brother, I swapped out the manual jack for the air driven one…..getting too old for pumping a bazillion times.

DSC00164.JPG (791936 bytes)
Got ‘er up and on the car dollies....

DSC00167.JPG (863067 bytes)
...and rolled her into place.

DSC00168.JPG (751991 bytes)
I would like to wave a magic wand and a mill appear in this place….but alas……maybe later.

Now to put some of the bench top back on and lower the lathe into place.

1/1/2010 (early in the day)

Slow today, but making progress ….

 DSC00170.JPG (880813 bytes)
Getting it in place…

DSC00173.JPG (821875 bytes)
Showing the oak pads I needed so that……

DSC00174.JPG (799390 bytes)
I can slide the tail stock (and more importantly the turret) off onto the bench without having to lift the heavy bastard.

The older I get the more important these things are (i.e. NOT lifting heavy crap).

1/1/2010 (later that day)

DSC00001.JPG (865816 bytes)  DSC00003.JPG (882836 bytes)  DSC00004.JPG (833566 bytes)  DSC00005.JPG (850842 bytes)

Well, every guy has done it….saved something for years….hoping the day would come when he would have a use for this “something” and feel good about keeping it, moving it, making room for it, and moving it around again.

 Most of the time, we wind up throwing it away because we can’t find a use for it and we can’t get any of our friends to take it off our hands (and let them store it for a few years)….and we keep telling ourselves how good it was if only we could find a place to use it.

 Then there is that one time that you find a use for that “something” you’ve been keeping for a bazillion years. You want to tell someone, but that someone ISN’T your wife ‘cause she’s going to point out all the other “somethings” you’ve been holding onto and never found a use for and then your “feel good” balloon begins to lose air and you just go off mumbling about women not understanding, blah, blah, blah… 

So I’m telling you guys……

I’ve been hording these boxes of industrial carpet squares since 1998…….yes, 12 years…..and yes, I nearly threw them away a couple of times, but my “hording gene” kicked in and forced me to keep 'em. At one time I almost used them…….I was going to floor my garage with them but the “fatigue” mats at Home Depot are much better for my feet so the carpet squares still got moved, and stored, and moved and stored…..until today.

Today I used them to carpet my bench tops (once I cleaned them off….which hasn’t happened since 1998). I was so happy that I used them, that I needed to tell someone (and even throw in a couple of photos)……..but I don’t dare tell my wife as she will promptly pop my “feel good” balloon and point out that I still have 2 boxes of the squares left and that I should throw them away…..crazy woman! 

Now I have all of these little pieces of carpet squares (the trimmings) to go with the 2 boxes of unused carpet squares that I’ll keep for replacing if some of the ones I used today get dirty….or the cats decide that they look like a litter box.  Wonder where I’ll store these until I need them in the future…….oh, well, the “hording gene” is like the dark side of the force. It’s always with you no matter what.

Happy New Year!